Instax Mini 8
Posted Wednesday, 25 December 2013 // 21:40
For Christmas my father got me an Instax Mini 8! I was really debating if I should get an Instax or a 3DS but, since I wanted to make memories with my exchange student friends I decided to go for the Instax Mini!

And mostly because we didn't really have 3DS games and those cost quite a fortune. I don't really have enough money to spend on games (or the new gateway cartridge! Which my friend reviewed. It's wonderful!)

Here's what I got!

Two Albums and films!

First, let me just say that film is the largest issue for me. I hesitated on buying an Instax because the films are quite expensive in my country. They cost about 500 pesos (10~11 USD) per 10 shots and I don't really have enough money to keep on buying films. But, if you use them sparingly they can last a year or two. Films have expiry dates by the way! Please be sure to check the expiry dates of your Instax films when buying!

Please ignore the blurry bear I can't take pictures well yet image
Now that we got the pricey films out of the picture, let me just say that the Instax Mini 8  has a very cute design! I really like it. I was initially choosing between a pastel pink one or a pastel blue one. My dad bought the blue one so I really have no say on it image 

I actually preferred the blue one because it was less common image   

I already added stickers to itimage

The button near the lense is the 「ON」switch!

It's not really that hard to figure out how it works to be honest. Just press the on switch and press the round shutter button. The hard part for me is actually trying to look into the viewfinder. It's pretty small so I can't really look at what I'm taking a picture of.

It has a circle in the middle when you peep through it!

As you saw in the blurry picture of the teddy bear earlier I'm not actually sure on how to find the "focused" part of the picture. But I actually got better at taking pictures! You just have to maintain a distance of half a meter away from your subject and then it gets pretty okay!

But if you get too far the flash would be pretty much useless. Although the manual says that the two holes above the lense is supposed to be some sort of sensor for how bright the place actually is and how the sensor can adjust the brightness of the flash but it doesn't seem to work for me. It should be working but I'm not really seeing any of it doing that.

Lastly! My favorite part of the instax, aside from the design is this little counter. 

Yeah I only have one shot left image
It shows how many shots you have left! If you have the 20's film it'll display an S for shots 20~11 and it'll count down! I find it pretty handy since I just really tend to snap away and forget how many shots I have left image

That's pretty much it for this review! I highly recommend that you get yourself one! It's really cute and it's handy since the film prints out as soon as you take the picture!

Here are the specs of the camera taken from the official site of Fujifilm!

I hope you liked the review! If you have any questions feel free to throw me a comment below~



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