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Posted Tuesday, 31 December 2013 // 19:34
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My 2013 in a nutshell.

This year was really an eventful year for me! Especially during the latter half of the year~ instead of narrating the whole thing I'll just put everything in bullets to spare you of the agony w

  • I got rejected for all the exchange programs I applied for (in turn I accumulated a lot of paper lol)
  • I turned 20 and celebrated it with my really really cute and amazing friends!!
  • I got a 4.0 on Japanese Economic Developmentimage (4.0 is the highest grade possible)
  • 先生たちはめっちゃかわいいかった~image
  • Passed my research methods subject! My professor was the head of the department I'm currently under so I'm pretty happy I passed!
  • Said professor remembers my name and would be glad to recommend me to more universities that I'm aiming to apply for (hooray image)
  • My friend left for the US but, she'll be back again by next year image
  • Met with my exchange student friend Arisa, during her short stay here!!
    • Also got to eat great okonomiyaki with her and had fun during our Karaoke session~~ 
    • I also got a Sakanaction keychain image
  • My dear friend Chabs got accepted into Soka University!!!!!! 
    • I was sad to see him leave but it's not like I don't talk to him everyday~image
  • And since Chabs left I got his job as a vice chair. It's really tough!
  • I managed to pull off the International Week thanks to all the amazing people who helped me.
  • I got subordinates!! 
  • I made the layout for our organization's (NKK) newsletter all by myself! It was really hard image
  • I bought a lot of figurines!!! 
  • I met Reika and Kaname!!!!!! (I'll post a thing about this next year haha)
  • My cousin Archer stayed over for a few days and we went to a convention together!
    • it wasn't really a very nice convention but he saw me geek out and found me funny lol
  • I went to a lot of Anime/Manga and Toy conventions! 
  • I started a blog image
  • I met a lot of amazing people image
  • 誰か好きになったimage
  • My father gave me his nifty camera and now I can take a bunch of photos!
  • I became more active in twitter!
  • I joined this office organization in school!
  • I managed to finish all of the Japanese language courses available in my university!
  • I'm only a few units away from graduatingimage
  • I evaded the scariest professor in my department image
  • I applied for another exchange program! I hope I get in image
  • I tried applying for the JENESYS program but I didn't make it image
  • I went to a lot of Karaoke sessions
  • I managed to pass my thesis proposal!! I'm not sure of the outcome but at least I was able to pass a full proposal!!!!
  • I got into jazz (thanks to my friends image and sakamichi no apollon 笑)
  • I polished my people skills! I think I'm better at talking to people
  • My senpais said my Japanese improved a lot image
  • I took a lot of Purikura this year!
  • I gained a kouhai or 3 hahahahahaha
  • I got an instax!
  • I think I got a little better at drinking alcohol (笑)
There's probably more that I'm forgetting right now but the important thing for me is I've managed to experience a lot this year! 

I hope the next year would be as eventful as this one!

Onto 2014!


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