Rohto Digi Eye
Posted Friday, 13 March 2015 // 23:43

Above is the promotional clip of the eyedrops!

This would be a really, really quick blog because I just want to tell everyone about how much I like these eyedrops and about how cool is the AR app of this thing is!!

Behold! The amazing eyedrops.
For more description on this product please click here.

Lately, I've been staying up all night increasing my ranking in love live reading internet novels so my eyes have been getting super tired. I have tried using another Rohto product which supposedly is going to treat your eyes after wearing contact lenses for a day to remedy my eye strain but alas, it doesn't work (anymore; at first it did but the more I used it it didn't work anymore ;; BUT it does work for it's intended use though.) So! I decided to buy the actual eyedrops for digital eyestrain.

Actual packaging!
I was expecing a Miku-green one to be honest.

After buying it, I quickly tried it because I have been playing love live a lot stressing my eyes and after one drop on each eye it quickly relieved me!! It was so amazing I couldn't actually believe it!! I sound like I'm exaggerating but really, it was amazing.

Also, the pack I bought came with this case! A few months ago this wasn't included when you buy the eydrops so yay feebies!

And now for the most amazing thing about this eyedrops. It makes Hatsune Miku come to life!!

For the whole performance click here!
(not my recording though)

I really thought that only special boxes had this AR since there wasn't really any marking when I bought it but, apparently so as long as you have the eye-box you can have this AR! You just need to download an app to view Miku's performance.

This...was just really amazing.

I never thought I would actually be that much amazed by eyedrops but Rohto Digi eye proves me wrong. Not only did I get better eyes, I also got a cute performance by Miku!! 

Until next time!


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