ZOZOTOWN review & New Jumper!
Posted Tuesday, 3 March 2015 // 20:22

Today, the item I ordered from ZOZOTOWN arrived!

Firstly, this is not a sponsored post or anything! I just really like online shopping and I think that everyone should buy from here too image 

I usually don't online shop but, since coming to Japan I have been hooked to it image and one of the sites I love, love love to window shop at is ZOZOTOWN !!

This site carries a lot of brands and it offers online shopping to most of the brands I like! like MILK, Aymmy in the Batty girls and LOWRYS FARM  so if I decide to binge shop I'll just go here instead of walking image

The site itself is very easy to use! Just register and put in your details and all that jazz and then you can proceed to order!  You can pay via credit card, through combini and my personal favourite, cash on delivery!

While most items could be delivered in a day some items could be delivered overnight too! You can also schedule when you want your items to be delivered! (Actually this feature is common to most Japanese online shops  image but, so far ZOZOTOWN is the only one I saw that can deliver stuff overnight!)

Also! I really like the box that your items come in when they deliver your stuff!


And now! For the item I bought! It's a jumper from Aymmy in the Batty girls! Aymmy is fashion model Seto Ayumi's fashion line and, if you saw my salon post you could tell that I really like her imageimage

I really like the vintage american sporty style of the brand and I really want to try wearing something like this image

So! I bought a piece from her line image

From the black box!

Tags! The red Ammy in the batty girls is actually a sticker!

Pattern close up!

My lighting is a bit iffy but the fabirc is actually pure white and the texture of the cloth is somewhat denim-ish but not completely denim. I really like that since it's spring and it's getting pretty warm and wearing something pretty thick would be pretty bad image  Also! it's just perfect for the Philippine weather  image

And now for the whole garment!

Again, my lighting makes it weird image sorry!

It fits wonderfully too! I don't have pictures of me wearing it yet image I didn't feel like going out today so image

One thing I really like about this is that it's a small size! This is pretty rare for me. Most of the clothes I like are either JUST size M or Free size which are usually a bit big on me image

I will take a picture of me wearing this! Just wat !!

Until next time!


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