Pon Pon Purin Cafe
Posted Sunday, 27 September 2015 // 21:59

I'm a pretty huge fan of themed cafes so when I knew that there was a PomPomPurin Cafe near me I made up that I would go!

To be really honest, I'm not a huge fan of pompompurin but I really think it's cute so I went to the Umeda Branch of the cafe and ate there! I went at around August so there weren't that much limited-time-only menu image 

The outside of the Shop is also filled with PomPomPurin design! There's usually a long line for the cafe but I went at around dinner time so there weren't really a lot of people lining up at the time I went image 

Although sadly I wasn't able to take a picture of the main door because I was too shy to do so image

And now, a shot of the interior!

And of course the menu and everything else has Ponponpurin too! Sadly, the utensils didn't have Purin but hey, maybe soon they will upgrade!

The menu! 

My friend and I were pretty hungry when we arrived so we opted for the heavier meals. I really wanted to order more of the desserts and stuff like that but their meals are surprisingly filling! I can't say too much about the taste though image

The most important thing is our stomachs was filled!

And now, the food!
My friend's order! It was a Beef stroganoff!

And my order, Okonomiyaki!

The vegetables are cut cutely too!

The okonomiyaki was good! To be honest it was too fluffy for my tastes and it was more of a pancake stuffed with cabbages rather than Okonomiyaki but, it tasted pretty good and so did the noodles!  There was also a takoyaki but to be honest I didn't pay attention to the taste because I was too hungry image

And now, for desert! We ordered these pancake balls that you dipped in chocolate!

The pancakes were really fluffy and they tasted amazing! I think they're supposed to resemble Takoyaki for some odd reason image Desert takoyaki!

This is an obligatory picture!!

And of course a picture of the statue!

Overall, if you're looking for food this isn't exactly the place you should be going to image The food is pretty good but it isn't really that stellar enough to feed a (very) hungry person. The pricing of the food relative to the portion and taste is pretty okay! I was expecting it to be a bit more expensive since it is a themed cafe but, it was cheaper than I expected!

The interior of the Cafe is really, really good! The atmosphere was also really good! It kinda bugged me that my photos were all too yellow but I guess that's because Pompompurin is yellow! image



Do recommend!

Until next time!


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