B'z LIVE GYM 2015 - EPIC NIGHT Osaka Leg
Posted Friday, 25 September 2015 // 23:17

This report is long overdue but I was really busy with preparations for coming back to my country so, here it is image

I'd actually like to begin this concert report with a confession.

I'm not actually a real hardcore fan of B'z. I just really like listening to their songs and I'm actually not entirely familiar with discography; I'm really just in love with their BEST albums (XXV, Pleasure, Treasure) and with their most recent one EPIC DAY. Which was fine because most of the songs from this concert should come from EPIC DAY. I just actually randomly balloted for this concert 'cause I knew it was close to impossible for me to get a ticket and I was just testing my luck.

And miraculously I got an S seat!! (There was A Seat, S Seat and Fan Club exclusive, SS) . I would have really wanted an A seat because as I have said, I wasn't really a fan and to be honest it was cheaper than the S seat. I was going to forgo the S ticket when a friend had convinced me that I was gonna see Inaba-san in the flesh image and I'm one of the "few" lucky ones that got an S at one try!

So, I of course ended up going!

It was my first time to go to Kyocera Dome!
I went early to the venue because I thought the goods would be sold out really fast but it wasn't! Although there were quite a lot of fans who went early to the venue it didn't seem too crowded and there was still a lot of goods being sold.

Since I came early, I had the chance to walk around inside Kyocera Dome! It was really big since it's mostly used for baseball matches (and large scale concerts image) and I found out that they had this hand imprint things! I actually didn't notice at first that B'z had their hands in the hall but there were a lot of fans taking pictures of this particular one so I went to see it too image

I actually mostly fan girl'ed on the one beside it since it was BIG BANG's hands image  and among the other ones that I found were Perfume's  image I can't upload the picture for some reason but I will edit this post one day!

Unsurprisingly, there were quite a lot of fans who were a bit on the older side. I was really expecting them to be at the 30-40 age range but, there were also some people who looked a bit older! It was quite surprising!!

But the most surprising thing of all was that I think I was the only foreigner I saw during the entire day. I don't know nor understand why but, I guess most of the foreign fans opt for the Zepp Namba concert or the Tokyo ones image

The gates opened at around 1700 but the concert would start at 1900 and I was REALLY surprised that I was REALLY close to the stage imageimageimageimage

This is actually the first time in my conert-going life that I was this close to the stage!! Every time I went to Osaka-jou hall I was always at the last row but THIS TIME imageimageimage

I'm really happy I went early cause I saw them setting up the stage!

Yes, that is a giant bra.

They put seven cars on the stage and later on as seen in the picture, they started putting this bra too!! Later on in the concert this would be flipped and it would have  "EPIC NIGHT に ようこそう" (Welcome to Epic Night) all up in neon lights!

Here is the setlist of the concert! I didn't really know all of the songs so I'm leaving it to this link lol and now for the funnest part of all concert reports, my incoherent babbling.

  • As the set list says, the concert started with RED. Out of all the concerts I have gone so far, I have never felt "starstruck" BUT NO THAT ALL CHANGED WHEN I SAW B'z for the first time. I was starstruck to the point that I was shaking in my seat and I couldn't even cheer for them when they came out
  • If you saw the set list the 4th song was always different but for Osaka it was LOVE YOU LOVE ME!!!!!! AND I KNOW AND LOVE THE SONG!!! I was so happy to hear itimage
  • At one point of the concert, Inaba-san and Tak-san got onto a platform and went near the audience. AND INABA-SAN WENT TO MY SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!imageimageimageimageimageimageimage I was shouting and waving like hell and the MEN behind me were shouting his name too "INABA-SAN!!!!!" with a force of a thousand suns 
  • There were disabled ladies on one area of the arena and of course Inaba-san also went to that side and they really looked like they could stand up from the excitement of being quite close to Inaba-san!!
  • AND THEN MY LIFE LONG DREAM OF SINGING ALONG TO ULTRA SOUL HAPPENED!!!!!!! I know I got to experience something like this in Nakata's DJ event BUT THIS IS INABA-SAN AND TAK-SAN IT'S DIFFERENT!!!
    • Before the song Inaba-san says something like "Huh, I want to release all the bad feelings I have right now and get refreshed!" AND THEN ULTRA SOUL STARTS PLAYING
  • When my favourite from the EPIC DAY album, 有頂天 came on I was also HYPED!! During the parts where the song goes "Yeah-!" Inaba-san would point the mic to the crowd!!!! I SANG ALONG WITH KOSHI INABA DO YOU KNOW HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!?!!!!!!!!!
    • At one point during 有頂天 Tak-san and Inaba-san were lying on the ground and they were slowly standing up to the "Yeah!"'s of the people image
  • There was also a part where they sang in Acoustic/Acapella !!!!!! imageimageimageimage IT WAS SO COOL imageimage Inaba-san played the harmonica in the song!!
  • LAS VEGAS~~♫ During this song there were a lot of Las Vegas themed baloons like slot machines and chips!!
  • They dropped one of the cars during this one song AND IT WAS SURPRISING
  • For some odd reason the camera kept zooming in at crotches. 
  • At one point I was so starstruck I couldn't believe that B'z are actual real people.
  • Inaba-san makes Tak-san say YEAH! on the mic during some songs
  • And sometimes he would ignore him image Inaba-san likes flirting with the people in the band image
  • Sometimes it was awkward

This was perhaps the only concert that had me at a post-concert high that lasted for more than a day. I really, really enjoyed being in this concert! The energy and the production was absolutely amazing! As I have said in the rant part image This has been the only time that I got star struck. I actually don't know what drove me to being so amazed at these two people their presence was just so big. I couldn't believe that around 35,000 people came to just see the two of them perform. Their presence was so big I completely forgot that I was alone in watching this concert.

They were so amazing, I completely forgot that they actually existed in front of me and that video that I was looking at was actually a video of someone that was standing in front of me.

B'z is absolutely amazing.

I really, really hope I can get to see them again!!

yes, I completely regret not getting tickets for the Zepp Namba event image

Until next time!


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