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I'm sure everyone who knows about Japanese Hosts has one time in their life wanted to try entering one and actually experience the feel of being in one! To sum up what a Host is they're basically handsome men who shower you with so much attention you would feel like you're the best thing in the world. Of course this attention doesn't come for free as you have to pay them through alcohol purchases in the club but they will really pay attention to you and "love" you for as long as you can pay them image

There's also some stories of hosts leaving their clubs because they fall in love with their customers for real so, there's really an actual chance for romance! image

If you have ever watched Ouran High School Host Club it's essentially that minus the fact that you are not a rich high school student being showered with attention lol also yes, minus the fact that Tamaki will eventually fall in love with you because you broke a vase image.

To be honest, I really like seeing handsome men and having them pay attention to me is kinda like a dream so, thank you cosmic forces of the universe for allowing me to be able to go to one.

I must stress that my experiences were on Host clubs in Osaka and not in the dreamland, Kabuki-cho haha. If you are familiar with the documentary they made about host clubs, it's supposedly in Osaka but it's a bit dated so that club doesn't exist anymore.


Before I go on any further, I have to tell everyone that before you enter a host club you should be 20 years old or above. Yes, they don't allow minors (20 is the legal age in Japan) in the club since it's primary business is selling alcohol and you can't really sell that to minors. Of course you are free to try if you are going to get away with the ID switch thing but I haven't really tried that. I don't know if I should even be actually recommending trying that since they photocopy the ID that you would present.

But, aside from that there's really no more requirements. Though I think it would be better if you are able to converse in Japanese since 98% of the hosts could not speak English and, in the event that they do, there's only around one or two people who can speak it. I don't know if it's the same case in Tokyo but, yeah.

Where to find the host cubs in Osaka

They're around Nagahoribashi and Shinsaibashi. Actually, if you get lost around the Glico man you'd end up near the host club area. There's also a bunch near the back of Don Quixote.  Aside from here, there's also some in Umeda but people have told me the ones in Shinsaibashi are better.

If you ever can't find any just ask any of the 無料案内 people. They really take you to host clubs for free since they have commissions for taking customers.

My experience with Host clubs

I went to around 4 host clubs before going home but, I'm sure you're all thinking "What but isn't it really expensive?!" Well, thanks to a friend who had convinced me to go with her I have found out that the first time is always really, really cheap. They run about 500~1500円 for around an hour or two with a drink all you can and that's so much cheaper than the actual rates. The actual rates usually consist of a seat fee (3000~円) plus the price of your drink (depends on what you drink) then taxes. See? Now you know how I can go so much image

The catch of that is you can only really just go once since as I have said earlier they would be keeping track of who you are. Also, with your first time in the club, you get to meet almost all of the hosts since they're going to make you choose your host that will entertain you for the rest of your visits. Sometimes there's two of them who come to you (your host and his help or some newbie) but after you made your choice you essentially can't change your host anymore and you're stuck with him.

Now, for actual experiences.

To be honest the word that best describes my experiences with host clubs is 微妙. It's a bit "eh". I always went with people (and I suggest you do to actually. The areas where the clubs are located are shady) and they really tend to focus on one person. I don't mind since I really liked observing how they acted but they kind of can't react well with people that are quiet. I guess that's what the alcohol is for but, it's kinda "meh".

Another thing I noticed is that if you're with a non-asian looking foreigner they tend to shift their attention to that person. Friends, if you are reading this, I don't hate you image I just noticed it!! Since we always said that we were exchange students our topic of conversation always revolves around that (yes, in all four host clubs) and on how we find Japan. I don't mind these topics but I really want to know what they talk about with other people though!! (If you have gone can you please comment some things!!)

Also, in all the clubs I went to I only found person to be like, REALLY handsome. Like, he was the only person I saw that I stared at so much I felt bad for him image I won't tell on which club I found him though image . I guess my expectations of hosts are too high (or my standards of beauty are just rea--yeah, they are image this is the fate of loving 2D too much image )

I don't remember all of the clubs I went to but, I do remember going to a club named KISEKI and MerryGoRound. I left all of my host club 名刺 in Japan so I...can't post photos image though most of the clubs upload their staff's pictures on their main site so you can check the hosts beforehand. There's also this website!

I don't really have club recommendations since I just really to a few clubs so, if you know any please leave some recommendations in the comments!!

Until next time!


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