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Posted Wednesday, 2 March 2016 // 00:31

From Fruits February 2016

After a long amount of inactivity I'm finally posing again!image I have been wanting to do a post like this for a while now but I couldn't get motivation to do it image but FINALLY my aesthetic has become popular in Japan and a lot of people are wearing a lot of stuff I really wish I can wear.

I think you have guessed it from the image before the cut that my preference for clothes is "loud colors and baggy" but it's really "yankee with a touch of crazy and pajamas (baggy clothes)" but recently I found myself coordinating outfits which were a hundred percent black. I guess it's because it's easier to do and there's also emotional influences I guess image(*cough*existential crisis*cough*)

From Fruits February 2016

My favourite among these is the last one. It really resonates with me. I wanna look like I'm just going to the convenience store in the middle of the night and everyone should just fuck off and let me have my fucking midnight snack with a really nice and cute hair color. I really wanna look like a pajama yankee all the time. It's the dream

As I have mentioned, I have really liked a full monochrome look but, the touch of color is always something I want to emulate. I'm really bad at choosing how much color should be there so I just really end up with a hundred percent black. 

It's also really important to me to have brightly colored hair because it's how yankees are supposed to be but recently I have began to like black hair--since it goes really well with the all-black look I do.

From Fruits February 2016

I have said that I loved baggy clothing and for me, long skirts and gaucho/wide-legged pants are part of the essentials to fulfill the dream. They are the epitome of comfort and for the long skirts, you don't really need to always think that some asshole will see under your skirt! 

I just want to stress how I love the subtle red on the first photo (left). You can almost not see it because her outfit is so bi-chromatic and that hidden red is just so nice! The peach ribbon on the third lady (from left) 's obi is also something so great. I'm just amazed at how clever they incorporated bright colors on their outfits. On the other hand, the rightmost lady's natural colors also look so good with her all-black look. I really wish I can look like this image

From Fruits February 2016

Finally, here we have what looks like a summary of what I really like to wear. Sometimes I like to wear clean cut clothes, sometimes I just wanna look like absolute thug trash.

 It's actually pretty hard to maintain a wardrobe when you have tastes that change with your mood because you will end up with a lot of pieces you bought out of the moment instead of having pieces you can use for several times image. At one point in time I threw away something I thought I will never wear again to only NEED it after a few months image.

Until next time!


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