Space Dandy: Boob restaurants
Posted Thursday, 2 January 2014 // 00:40
Image Here it is! The dandiest space dandy ever, Space Dandy! Jumping from hyperspace to hyperspace to hunt aliens so he can earn himself a treat in Boobies!

I found out about the show through Pepay and I promptly tried to check it out when she said Junichi Suwabe was voicing the main character! I also saw the previews on Animax and the music was also very funky and I liked it!! (Also Junjun advertised it so I MUST WATCH, I told myself)

And then we get introduced to the main protagonist, Space Dandy

The reason I picked this series up. For Space Dandy. I just really wanted to hear Junichi Suwabe play a lead role so I picked this up. Unlimited Junichi Works image
The title for episode 1!

It amazes me that in the future there will be a restaurant dedicated to boobies. I hope women can their get their nice abs restaurant and nice arms restaurant cause I’d sure as hell camp out and burn my cash there.
I really liked these still shots! Dandy looks pretty cool.
This was part of the opening sequence but I gave up posting in order
Cutie lady!
Life mission: Boobies

I’m glad that Dandy doesn’t discriminate races. A good rack is a good rack.
She looks pretty adorable don't you think?
Cutest waitress!
An inbetween. It still pretty decent I'm hoping most episodes won't have  these much QUALITY in them
An inbetween. It still pretty decent I’m hoping most episodes won’t have these much QUALITY in them
Excuse me for enlarging it, I would have gone full 720p but it’ll break the blog’s layout but, as you can see here this in between’s detail is amazing but you know it’s an in between and the quality is basically horrible compared to the earlier screenshots. I hope this scene gets fixed in the BD version because the detail on this scene is amazing!
~the plot thickens~
~plot thickens~
The anime is a pretty fun ride, fourth wall breaking, superb music, SPACE, boobies what’s there left to ask for? Actual plot? lol
Well, it’s just the first episode and it pretty much introduces the “main cast” pretty well. The voice cast fits everyone pretty well too, bias aside. I really like how they again picked Junichi Suwabe for the “playboy” type because it suits him well. I also think that the plot won’t be as 3deep5me as I’m expecting (*COUGH*Valvrave*COUGH*) but, we’ll see. The people hunting Dandy seem really interesting too! I’m excited to see the start of Dandy’s adventure!
Also, if I might add I'm fairly amused as I want to call Dandy "Ginga Bishounen" image I'm sorry Takuto. Dandy is also a bishounen for me, a pompadour fag (and he also has Junjun's voice!!! Sorry Mamo, Junjun's charm is too strong for you).

Score: ★★★★
would watch

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