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Posted Thursday, 1 May 2014 // 00:43

Oh no dear blog (readers) , I haven't been ignoring you! image
I was just simply too busy since the start of the year due to academics image

Anyway, here's an update to what I have been doing during my absence! There will also be a lot of new content since I was gone for a long while image


When the first term of my university started I was not at all prepared at the workload I was going to face. I never knew that last term would eat so much of my time. I was busy juggling my thesis and International Law under a very strict professor. In addition, my other major subject for the term, Japanese Cinema, also required me to submit papers weekly. It was truly a very challenging term!

Every night I found my self drinking a hot cup of Earl Grey tea (because I can't drink coffee image ) to keep myself awake and focused on my readings. I was still always late for my 8am classes though image

But, I made it! I made it through the term! I passed all of my subjects and finally finished the most stressful term of my university life! image

Our picture after our thesis!!!!!

Actually, during the time this picture was taken it wasn't sure if we were going to be differed or not image but, we passed the required revisions and got a grade higher than our original grade image 
I'm just really happy to be over with thesis! I would really like to thank our mentor and our reader for their undying patience and the Earl Grey tea from TWG that helped me survive all those nights and of course my lovely thesismates! image 

I also applied for a short term exchange program in Meiji University! In the program, we're going to stay in Meiji for three weeks and learn Japanese in preparation for the Japanese Language Proficiency Exam (JLPT) ! There was a lot of us that applied but only 5 got accepted.

And I'm one of them!! image

I'm so happy! image

I'm scheduled to leave for this program in a week, and of course I'll blog all about the experience!

Aside from Meiji, I also applied for two year-long programs. One is the Japanese Embassy Japanese Studies scholarship. Unfortunately, I was not able to get into the program. Though I did manage to get through the preliminary testing! The interview really made me nervous so, I think I messed that one up image

But, I'm not really too sad about it, haha! Since I read that in the occasion that one is accepted in that program one can not go into the research scholarship that the embassy offers and I want that more than the Japanese Studies program image

The second one is, my university's year long exchange program to Osaka University! The university chose me as the representative for the program image

I'm really happy to be chosen!! I tried to apply to 4 different programs before and finally!! I'm finally chosen to a year-long program! image

I'm now currently awaiting for Osaka University's confirmation!


I celebrated my 21st birthday together with my friend Koji! They bought me a cake and smashed my face in it image

I swear this is the most effective facial butter cream ever.

I want to blog about this in a separate post so I'll just keep it short!! It was really fun, we made a mess in Koji's flat but I helped clean after! haha

Video Games

When my "summer break" had started I started playing video games again!

Okay, I lied. I started to play Dragon Quest 4 in the middle of the term and totally got hooked to it. I finished it in 3 days, excluding the extra dungeon. I had so much fun playing I didn't even notice how addicted I got image

After playing Dragon Quest 4, I started playing Dragon Quest 3 for SNES and Dragon Quest 5 for DS. I already finished DQ5 a few days ago, it was a bit harder to finish since I started playing when the thesis deadline was getting closer image I did finish it as soon as the break started though!

In my opinion, the story of 5 is better than 4 but, I enjoyed the gameplay of 4 better than 5. It's exactly the same but, in terms of level grinding you can level grind less on 4 than 5. Also, Alena is my favourite character out of the two I have played so there's that bias too image

I might write a review of both games after I finish the extra dungeons!

Aside from Dragon Quest, I started picking up ps3 games again! My sister finally bought one so I'm finally picking up my backlog. Of course since the console is brand new, my old memory is gone and I have to start over from the start.

A few days ago I started playing Ragnarok Online! I'm playing on a high rate server since I'm really impatient when it comes to leveling. I also don't like PvP so I'm not really bothered with the server balance. I'm currently questing to get cute head gears! image

The server I'm playing at is called DreamerRO

Things I'm not sure where to put

I got my Atobe figurine!!!! I'm going to do a figurine review as soon as I can (hopefully before I leave!) I also want to start a real photoblog soon so I think I should work on my photography skills image

That's all! If you have things you want to ask feel free to leave a comment~



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