Ruroni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno Review
Posted Tuesday, 26 August 2014 // 16:27

First, I’d like to mention that I’m not really a hardcore Ruroni Kenshin fan so I’m not really familiar with all the characters that are supposed to come out in this part of the film nor the actual story line of this arc so I can’t make comparisons from the original manga/anime to compare. Though, I watched it a few times and Shishio’s arc was the only arc I actually remember watching! 

Second, I have only watched this once so I just watched it for enjoyment and I really haven't properly given it an analysis 

Lastly, Thanks to my friend MJ for treating me to the movie tickets

Now onto the actual review! 

Spoiler free review!

To start off, I really enjoyed the film! I was looking forward to seeing all the action parts of the film and it didn't disappoint me one bit! All of the action scenes in the film were wonderfully executed for me, the camera angles and all had given a wonderful effect on most of the action scenes. Of course there were some scenes that looked so ridiculous but, this is an manga adaptation after all so of course the scene where in Kenshin could jump 6 feet off the ground were one of those elements that really made me chuckle.

I'm saying that the supernatural aspects had made me laugh since most of the time the swordplay scenes were, to me, very realistic and I really forgot that I was watching something that was an anime. Of course it isn't that realistic (comparing it to Tasogare Seibei's near accurate portrayal of the samurai chanbara, or sword play) but still--!  I would love to go on about that comparison but, as I have said earlier I haven't watched it for analysis purposes yet ... and I also have to re-read my readings on that 

Aside from the wonderful action scenes, I also enjoyed how the Meiji era was portrayed in the movie. Actually, starting from the first movie, I really did enjoy seeing how nice they portrayed the rise of western culture in Japan. They had a nice portrayal of showing how the samurai was actually a "dying breed" and it was something that the new government was trying to hide in order to show that they are progressing into the "new society" of the west. To name an instance where this happened, we can see that the officers of the military are wearing western clothing instead of the traditional Japanese hakama, like what was Kenshin was wearing.


Next, I want to talk about the casting. I adore Satoh Takeru but, I really see him as Kamen Rider-DenOu so, for me Takeru wasn't able to jump out of his image of being my darling Ryotaro but, that doesn't really do anything for his amazing acting skills! I mean, even if I saw him as someone else he really showed that "No, I'm Kenshin for this movie." his acting was really good and I just really wish he shouted "Henshin!" at one point of the film. 

Speaking of Kamen Riders, Miura Ryosuke, the actor of Cho was also from Kamen Rider! He was on a different series than Takeru but, of course being the rider fan that I am I saw him as Ankh! He was really good on his role as Cho though! I didn't even see him as Ankh at all! Although I still laughed at the fateful battle of DenOu and Ankh 

Now, for the one issue I had was Kamiki Ryunosuke. Don't get me wrong his portrayal was perfect, stunning, etc. But, for me, I really think that they should have picked someone who was "prettier". This is just a personal preference don't get me wrong; I know that actors are picked based off their ability and not appearance but, I just--I just.  I really just wish!


To be honest, in Japanese films you wouldn't really notice the music since you will be too engrossed on what's happening on the film. Now, this one time I actually noticed it. Again, it's wonderful but I just had one pet peeve. The story was set in Kyoto of all places so I was really expecting pieces done by Japanese instruments. I'm not really unhappy or anything; it's just that my expectations were just destroyed 

Overall: 4.5/5

I know you're all asking why didn't I give it a perfect sore. It's because of the way it ended!! I really want the part 2 already! I was really willing to sit through a whole 3hr / 4hr movie just to see Shishio and Kenshin fight!!

But that aside, it's a really great movie and please do watch it when you have time!!


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