Taobao haul + Taobao Manila Review
Posted Wednesday, 11 February 2015 // 01:24


Sorry for not updating for so long haha been busy with stuff (you'll hear all about them!)image

So, for now I would want to do a loooong overdue review of taobaomanila!  and of course the things I bought from taobao!

I'd like to cover a few basic things before I proceed on with the reviewsimage

What is Taobao?

It's basically Chinese e-bay! But the problem is they only ship with in China/Hong Kong (with a few exceptions on some shops) so you can't really buy anything directly from the site unless you're with in the region. So! In the case that you want to buy you need a shopping service.


Taobaomanila is a taobao shopping service. They basically make stuff from taobao accessible to anyone in the Philippines! They have a contact with in the accessible region and that contact basically buys your items for you and then ships it to the Philippines.

Taobaomanila Review

Taobaomanila was really, really nice to transact with! They reply to e-mails fast and they also shipped my items at the time they said they would. Their order forms is pretty nifty too! Their order forms already calculate the price you have to pay so you don't really have to worry much and you can even keep track of how much you're going to spend image

I purchased my items through one of their express batches during July 2014 and I got all of my items before the month ended! It's really great! I really recommend them!


Now for the taobao hau! imageimage

I mostly bought stuff for my instax since I really wanted to decorate my filmsimage

First! The pens!

These pens are supposed to write over the picture and be very, very visible but it didn't really turn out like that image They work really well with the really light parts of your photos but on the dark parts you won't really be able to see them image


Next, the boarder stickers!

These are really, really, really cute!! They're just as cute as I expected them to be and you can even write over them! The best part is they're really cheap image


More stickers!

These were a bit lighter than I expected them to be and they were a biiit pixelated image


 Next are these jelly photo albums!

 I had the purple version of one of these and I really liked it so I thought of buying some more but!!! When I got these the quality was really, really different from my pruple one image I guess it was because it's waay cheaper than the usual price and you get what you pay for but, I just can't help to be sad I guess image but they still serve their purpose so I still like 'em!


Lastlyyyy! My favourite item out of all the bunch, my Jojo stockings!!

I actually ordered the white text on black tights but these are pretty cool too so I don't really mind!! I LOVE THEM TO BITS image image image

Rating: ゴゴゴ

Bonus! I also got a cute clip and some sort of sleeve! I think it's because I bought a lot of stuff from the same taobao shop image

I don't really know what to use this for to be honest! But it's really cute image

I have been realllly busy last year and I didn't have time to do any blogs but! I'm going to finish my backlog before the spring break ends!! Please stay tuned for other posts!


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