Kamen Rider Gaim gaiden: Osaka Event report!
Posted Saturday, 21 February 2015 // 23:47
Image taken from Gaim gaiden's twitter

Today I went to the Gaim Gaiden premiere thing!!

Kubota Yuuki, Kobayashi Yutaka and Matsuda Gaku were there to promote the movie!

Spoilers for the Gaiden!

Before I go on I wanna tell some thing embarrassing that happened lol I went to the theatre at around 12:30 (my time slot was the afternoon one so it starts at around 1:30) so I asked the ticket guy where the Gaim event is at and he said “Do you have a ticket for it?” I was like ‘oh ok maybe its on the ticket, silly me’ then he just ripped the ticket and told me to go to the 8th floor. I was thinking that they’re already letting people in since maybe the first event finished early or whatever.

When I got to the 8th floor I saw another set of staff so I asked them where the event was and they just opened a door for me. I was still going along with that sure, why not thanks man lol

THEN WHEN I ENTERED KUBOTA YUUKI AND KOBAYASHI YUTAKA WERE ON STAGE   I calmly made my way to the front (cause my seat was on the 2nd row closest to the stage) and noticed that every seat was taken so I was like “?? what the hell” I actually saw the kamen riders going “?!” for a split second when I was going down  . Being the confused being that I am, I went back and called the staff near the doors and told them to guide me to my seat and then I WENT BACK AGAIN then the staff pointed out that “You’re on the afternoon timeslot” and I'm like quietly just saying “I see” 

 I know I left an impression to the kamen riders so I’m really happy  

Now onto the actual event report!

Please note that my Japanese isn’t really that good and I was basically staring at everyone’s faces during most of the program so I am eternally distracted.

When the actors came out everyone was screaming “KAITOOOOOOO” and then “NIISAN” and then “SHUUNIN” in that order and of course “ZACKKKKk”

Also for some reason everyone knew who the host was. I have no idea who he was I’m sorry I don’t stalk the Gaim cast enough to know   his name starts with an M and he apparently hosted other talk shows and he appeared on a video on another talk event (which was on a DVD)

At one point the MC asked if the guys wanted a fruit to be on Gaim and the very bubbly Kobayashi Yutaka said he wanted something like dragonfruits or something (which the host said that it appears on the movie but Yutaka was like SHH!!!) then he mentioned that Gaku wanted something like PASSION FRUIT to be a kamen rider. Yuataka was all like

"That would be really cool though, when he henshin’s it’d be like (nanana) PASSION! and then his final attack would be like somethingPASSION!"

He was doing actions along with his passion henshin sequence haha. The MC then asks what would be the weapon if a Passion Fruit rider was a thing and then Gaku was like

"Oh, I have grown a liking to my current weapons so I’d still like to keep those" and then Yutaka was laughing and said

"Then the huge fists would be amazing when the final goes like PASSION! and instead of a punch the final attack would be a slap ww!" (because in PA in Janken is paper haha and PAssion right?? right?? Yutaka is so funny omg )


I forgot who mentions this but apparently the Gaim cast are in a line group and every time they have something to talk about they basically talk through there and Metal-san would send a LOT of Tommy lee Jones stickers ww It was to a point that everyone actually downloaded the sticker set because they found it pretty funny thanks to Metal-san hahaha. Also Matsuda Ryo wasn’t in the group when it first started ww when he got in (3 days after the group thing was made0 he (Ryo) was all like “What’s this?!?”

Kubota Yuuki mentioned something about treating a bunch of people to Yakiniku and uploading a photo with a funny caption !! I didn’t really understand because he was too handsome and his voice was really 

Yutaka mentioned that Yuumin wanted to come to Osaka too and Yuumin was all “thats so unfaiiir I sang for the gaiden too!! I should be allowed to come!!”

There was this part where Yutaka and Yuuki mentioned something about Sano Gaku and the MC then proceeded to imitate Sano Gaku AND IT WAS SPOT ON HAHAHA Everyone agreed on that (I think it’s because Gaku also wanted to come along to the Osaka event but I’m not sure haha)

At the earlier part the MC said to Yuuki “Man, in this gaiden we get to see that Takatora does pervy things while everyone is thrown into a panic!!” and Yuuki was all like “OI!!” HAHAHAHA THERE WERE CHILDREN IN THE AUDIENCE OH MY GOD HAHAHA

There was a part where in the actors were discussing the “other kaito” and then they proceeded to make Kobayashi Yutaka show them the difference between his characters and himself. As it turns out there were no differences between “other kaito” and Kobayashi Yuataka lmao

Kobayashi Yutaka ranted about caramel popcorn. I don’t understand what was his problem with caramel popcorn but he had a problem with it lol also he shared this problem with Sano Gaku

I don’t know if I got this right but I think during the first few meetings Kobayashi Yutaka and some other people were afraid to ask Kubota Yuuki for dinner and if they weren’t with a producer-san they wouldn’t really have the courage to ask Kubota Yuuki out to join dinner with them


Since Kobayashi Yutaka was playing a gaijin in the gaiden Kubota Yuuki was like
"Since you’re a gaijin you should know some english right?"
"I know the alphabet!"
"YEAH A K B aanD that’s about all I know lol"

Kubota Yuuki mentioned that someone was already crying the whole day during the final shooting I think it was the stylist because they were like “? was crying so hard we didn’t know if we looked okay since ? was shaking from crying so much”

aaand That’s all about the event that I remembered (and understood)  

Omg omg omg I can’t believe I finally saw a Myu actor after being a myufan for like 7 years now I was literally SHAKING IN MY SEAT during the first few moments of the talk oh my god I can’T

AS YOU CAN SEE KOBAYASHI YUTAKA IS SO DAMN ADORABLE  AND HE IS THE CUTEST HE WAS SO GENKI DURING THE ENTIRE THING HHHHHH AHH I CANT    he is adorable. Also, I wanted everyone to speak kansai ben even if just a little but nobody did  

Kubota Yuuki was so cool and I just kept staring at him omfg he isn’t really as cold and as edgy as Takatora but I already knew that! Thanks to a bunch of tenimyu backstage clips 

Matsuda Ryo was a cutie tho but he was really quiet. 

I feel like everyone was tried because of the morning show  

'Till the next blog update!!


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