Salon Review + Bleaching
Posted Friday, 27 February 2015 // 17:37

I went to the salon today to get my hair bleached!
I went to a salon called C'est Bon and decided to get my hair bleached 

First and foremost, this salon doesn't offer English services (as I was told by the staff haha, they were friendly enough to tell me they only barely know English) so, if you have something very specific you want done I don't really recommend going. For example, like you want to explain how you want your hair cut and such. I don't think they would be able to answer to very specific requests.

I didn't have much problems with that since I just really said "I want to bleach my hair once" then showed them a picture of I wanted to achieve.

Which was this image
I really love Seto Ayumi image

But of course this color takes more than once so I said I just wanted to do once this month and maybe another one in 2 weeks or so.

Onto the main review!

This was my first time to go to a Japanese salon and I was really thinking twice about actually going to do this because it costs so much money lol but, it was worth it!

The staff is very friendly and they talk to you while you get your stuff done and they explained to me (in very easy words yay) how to take care of the hair and stuff. Actually, I didn't understand much but the pamphlet my stylist was holding had pictures so I kinda got the gist of it image

As for the quality of the hair service, I think it's pretty great! The effect of bleaching varies per person but, I'm glad mine turned out to be great! They were pretty gentle while applying the bleach onto my hair so I didn't really feel anything while it was happening. Though my hair was kinda tangled because of my perm lol they were kind enough to actually bear with it  image 

Me after bleaching!

I didn't actually know that I also paid for blow drying and shampoo so, I was pretty surprised when I got it hahaha I thought the bleaching itself cost the amount but it actually came with blowdrying and shampoo! They used like hair treatments after they shampooed me and it was great! The best part was getting a massage as they shampoo your hair ;o; we don't have that in the Philippines so I'm really /elated/ that the shampoo came with a massage!!

Overall, the experience was great, the service was great and! I had a chance to practice my Japanese on the staff image


I really really like my new hair color! On a side note, this salon didn't do my perm. I had my perm done before I went to Japan and it's surprisingly still alive! Even the stylists were surprised that my perm survived the bleaching image

Camera 360 colors changed the color a bit but I still like it!

Also, take note that before bleaching your hair you should condition it really well or else it will dry out and be all dead. I, and the stylists were pretty much surprised that after I bleached my hair it still looked alive (元気だってw) after I bleached it! I really think it's because I condition my hair everyday image and after I did get my hair bleached my hair I moved onto a shampoo that was especially for damaged hair image so I had deeper conditioning and my hair is still alive image

I actually already bleached my hair twice on the same salon before I wrote this review and it was still as great the second time around! (no pictures for now haha will post some soon image)

Until next time!


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