CAPSULE WAVE RUNNER release event report
Posted Sunday, 5 April 2015 // 23:59

image from here
the Osaka event had no digital pictures ;_;

First of of all sorry for the lack of pictures image pictures aren't allowed in the venue aand for a reason I will get to later!

So, today was the Osaka leg of the WAVE RUNNER release tour! I really like CAPSULE and it was amazing to see them on stage today.

As I have said earlier, I was able to enter the concert hall with my camera but the event itself was so wild that I couldn't really do anything but head bang and jump along to the beat (it was really fun though  image). I was standing maybe 5-6 rows away from the stage but I managed to squeeze myself into the 2nd row image (and throw my backpack into the ground in front of the first row people cause it's really hard to jump when you have a bag image) .

A few moments before the concert started!

Before I get into the concert details, I have been to Yasuka Nakata's live event before it was called ASOBINITE!! (Will blog about that too I guess image) and comparing the crowd from ASOBINITE!! to this one, this live's crowd is definitely more energetic image I got bumped and stepped on a few times during songs image but the tension was still so great!

This event is of course packed with CAPSULE fans and it was just really amazing the people around me were raving from the start till the end of every song. They would calm down during the slow parts/songs but when the heavy electronic music comes rolling they really just throw themselves into the music image and the people beside me were pretty wild tooimage

I really had the impression that Japanese fans are really quiet during concerts (except for my TeniMyu dream lives--which I will do an entry on once I stop crying over it image) but! For this one they were really lively and they were screaming, singing along and some even made a bit of fan chants! There were a lot of fans (including me) that shouted "TOSHIKO!!!" "NAKATA!!!" because why not!!!!!! It was really, really, awesome seeing them BOTH in the flesh

Now, I actually forgot the set list but from memory, I remember they played the opening track of the WAVE RUNNER album, Feel Again, PRIME TIME, World of Fantasy and a track from CAPSLOCK and for the encore it was Sugarless Girl.

I already saw Nakata perform before and he was pretty much DJ-ing with a stern expression, it was the same now but he sang along to his songs more and he smiled a little during one song image also, Toshiko was really cute!!image image   She was dancing and interacting with the audience a lot image and I met her gaze like thrice and she smiled at me!!!!!!!! imageimage (she was really just looking at my general direction but image )

There was also this cute moment where Toshiko accidentally hit Nakata while she was dancing along it was so cute image (Nakata wasn't really amused image )

This is my souvenir from the concert! It's a sticker set~ I would've bought a shirt but image 

Well, that's all for now

Until next time!


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