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Posted Sunday, 12 July 2015 // 03:31
I have been long addicted to these things called dream novels image

Dream novels are basically fan fiction in which the readers can be in the story. Most of what I have read (and I think all the novels are) romantic in nature so, it's basically like reading fan fics of you dating your favoutrite character image Although,  unlike in "Choose your own adventure" stories, you aren't really given choices on what to say or do; you're just basically, really reading a story about you and your choice of character.

But, like Otome Games (if you are unfamiliar with otome games--think of anime like Uta no Prince-sama and Amnesia) the main character doesn't have too much of a personality and you can't really personalize your appearance. Additionally, if your chosen character has a specific type in terms of personality, the authors tend to use that personality as basis for 'you'. Also, if you have certain ideals/head canons for your favourite character some authors may miss it since they don't have the same head canon or something image

Although the novels have those issues it's still so fun to read! image

I guess I'm just a sucker for these kinds of stories image


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↑like this imageimageimageimage

I have first discovered these types of things while lurking around for Prince of Tennis fan sites. I was really curious as to what they were and as soon as I read one I read everything in the site. I first went to the website called Dopamine (now 404 image) and a site called Endless Dreamers (also 404 imageimage). It's actually because of these sites that led me to choosing my eternal favourite character image (I'm sorry for sounding so dorky image )

It's been a really long while since I have read English dream novels (DN) and I am not sure if there are now DNs for other fandoms but during the time when I found them it was mostly only Prince of Tennis that had the DNs but I think the more popular fandoms now (like Kuroko and HQ!!) should have some DNs up somewhere. Back when Endless Dreamers was still up I saw some Ouran DNs!

Now that the English sites that I always visit are down, I now resorted to finding DNs in Japanese. It's still really hard for me to read but thank God for dictionaries and online translators image. It actually made me really motivated to study Japanese to be honest image

For me, I think that there is no differences with English DNs and Japanese DNs when it comes to formatting. The real differences comes with the characterization of characters.

Now, to be able to explain that I'm going to ramble a bit about differences in characterization of my husbando favourite character so please feel free to skip this rant image

In English DNs Atobe-sama is usually characterized as a demanding, prideful, perfect diva (he is, really) no matter what happens and he only starts changing a bit when he starts to notice that 'you' aren't showing any interest in him despite his 'kindness' to you. The English authors tend not to show his internal struggle of trying to make you like him since most of the narration comes from the point of view of the reader.

While in the Japanese DNs it's actually quite the opposite. Atobe tends to be really jealous of who ever tries to take 'his girl' and there are some that I read that he was completely acting like a complete idiot (and not like his perfect self) cause he fell for 'you'. He would directly say stupid, emotional things to 'you' and the likes. He only acts demanding, prideful, perfect diva that he is around other characters but once he goes back to being alone with 'you' he starts returning to this stupid adorable little thing imageimageimageimage

Now, I make it sound like I hate the English DNs that I read but that's really not true! I just really enjoy seeing Atobe actually act like a nice, 15 year old (FIFTEEN!!!!) boy who falls in love with someone. The English characterization makes him too prideful to admit such stupid jealousy over stupid things and we (see, even me!) just really focus on protecting the "perfect" image of Atobe. But what I really like about the English DNs is that I get to enjoy seeing a very, very arrogant Atobe throw away his pride for me--the reader!! It's really so imageimageimage

If you want Prince of Tennis dream novels please feel free to ask in the comments! I would gladly link some to you image  Unfortunately if you want other series I do not know which are good and which are bad but I can try looking for some sites for you!

I don't have any recommendations as to which novels are good since most of the ones I liked are now down from the internet image  Unless you want the Japanese ones!

I will gladly link some (later)

I can't translate any of the DNs since the authors usually don't want that and I'm pretty bad at translating too imageimageimage

Well, that's all for now

Until next time!


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