[PHOTO HEAVY] Osaka : Shinsekai!!
Posted Wednesday, 8 July 2015 // 23:45
Shinsekai is located at the south of Osaka and it's filled a lot of old-world decorations! The place was developed before world war 2 and they didn't renovate it after the war so it retained it's old-world charm! It's also famous for kushi-katsu!

Unfortunately I didn't eat kushi-katsu in Shinsekai because I really just came for the Atobe/DARS event image

The Okonomiyaki me and my friend ate!
This wasn't at Shinsekai though image
but it was still good!
There was a Don Quixote beside the station so my friend and I decided to look in there first before heading out to Shinsekai image


Takoyaki keychains!

Takoyaki mascots!

I just really like takoyaki image
Finally, we got to Shinsekai!

We're not even there yet but as you can see the town decorations already stand out!

the Tsutentaku!

This was the sign on the best Osaka-themed omiyage shop!
It's really cute isn't it?

I really like this art style image
As I mentioned earlier, I went to the Atobe/DARS event. It was basically just a huge pictre of Atobe in a platform in front of the DARS store below Tsutentaku. There was also a Glico shop but I didn't take a picture because I was too excited to see Atobe-sama image

The glorious stand and some of the offerings!

You can see the dried mangoes I offered image
I'm planning to go again and take more pictures!! Maybe the next time I go I can finally eat kushi-katsu and blog about that image

Well, that's all for now

Until next time!


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