[PHOTO HEAVY] Tokyo 2014
Posted Sunday, 12 July 2015 // 21:53
I was really going to make a really long blog about this last year but I kept pushing it back because there was really so much things to say but now that I have looked back on it, I should just really let the pictures speak for myself. image

I'm not really good at narrating what happened to me (as you can see on my older posts image) so I'll just describe the pictures I took image

For a brief idea, I was at Tokyo last year for 2-3 weeks to study in a short-term Japanese Language program in Meiji University. I was chosen by my university along with 4 other people to go into this exchange program. During this program I have learned intermediate Japanese and met a lot of wonderful people from South-East Asia! image I was also able to experience the daily life of a Japanese family since I was able to stay for a short time together with a host family! (more on that later I guess image)

My host family was actually located in Kanagawa (where Yokohama is!) so it was quite a commute for me but I did manage to gain the skill of sleeping in Japanese trains so I really liked it! image

Tokyo tower!  image

Before I add more Photos I just want to share how LOST we were when we wanted to go to the Tokyo tower image . My friends and I were walking around for almost an hour in the middle of Tokyo just to find this wonderful, wonderful tower. It was the first time in my life that I had to walk around in an unfamiliar place image

But! thanks to getting lost for an hour I managed to snap some really nice photos image

I really love this place! This was near the station where we got off at.
This place also appears in the drama First Class (Season 2) which i really love !!
This looks like a scene from a drama doesn't it?
I honestly hate the two of them cause they took their damn time going down the stairs
and I just really wanted a picture of the stairs image

There was a shrine? near the tower!

Now for pictures in the tower!
Lovely sunset

Ooshima Mai from AKB48's wish emma!
it says "grow 2cm more"
I can't understand the korean she wrote though ;_;

I honestly wanted to be in her spot but this looks nice too image

Now, I mentioned that I went to study right? Have pictures of my uni!

You can't really see the building because of the trees image
I never actually ate at the cafe because it was too expensive image
Inside the special hall!
Best lunch, cafeteria lunch!image
The university was also near the controversial Yasukuni shrine so I was able to visit the place too!

The torii!

Inside the shrine!
And now for random pictures!

Akiba! I don't actually have a lot of pictures of Akiba since I was too busy
looking for merchandise image
There was an anime event when we were there image We didn't really know
and we just went there for the Gundam!
Me and Hyoutei image
Obligatory Gundam pic!

FujiTv station!
I only knew this was the station after I told my sensei I went to Odaiba so I never got to go in ;_;
Somewhere in the middle of Shibuya and Harajuku!
If I remember correctly this was near La Foret.
Animal face bags!
We went here for a school trip!
There were a lot of shops that looked really cute but I could only look at them from the bus image
There are more photos here over at my flickr! I was going to upload them on my photoblog but I am really lazy image

Also! I forgot to say that I also went to Ikebukuro! I really loved it there but I burned all of my money so it's really not worth talking about how I bought a lot of stuff and regretted it in the end image (just kidding I loved all of the things I bought image)

If you have anything you wanna ask please feel free to leave a comment image

Until next time!


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