Gudetama Cafe !!
Posted Thursday, 30 July 2015 // 04:17

A few days ago I went to gudetama cafe! It's only in Osaka for a limited time so I was pretty happy that I was able to go and visit! image 

Sadly, at the time I went I didn't bring my camera or my phone so I just relied on the photos of my friend image

I will update this post in the future with more pictures image

First, I really like Gudetama! image Gudetama is a new sanrio character which features a really lazy egg. I know it really sounds weird's a lazy egg!!!!!

Second, I really like themed cafes! So being able to see two of the things I like is really great!

Usually, there's a really long line in the Gudetama cafe but when my friend and I went there wasn't any so I was finally able to go! It all happened by chance so as I have said earlier, I wasn't really prepared to go in image

The interior of the cafe features a lot of gudetama art and there was a TV inside the cafe featuring gudetama shorts. It was really cute! The staff was wearing a special limited-edition shirt too! I wanted to buy it but image

The menu had this on the back!

I absolutely have no idea what is happening to be honest image

For the food, there wasn't much of a selection. There were around two rice meals (I ordered a ebi frydon! It was really good) and two udon meals.

My friend's udon!
Sadly, I have no photo of my food image
And aside from the entreé meals, there were of course desserts! There was shaved ice and pudding! I was thinking that they will put egg on the shaved ice but when I saw someone from the other table ordering it, gudetama's face was stuck on a piece of mango image

So, of course we ordered the pudding!!

I messed up gudetama's face image
I thought the face was printed on to the glass so I kinda rubbed it hard but it turns out it was just a sticker image

Overall, the experience was really nice! 

Aside from the food, there wasn't really anything happening inside the cafe. I really liked that since I just really wanted to sit down and talk to my friend while we ate cute-looking food image There wasn't anyone dressed up as the GudeOuji who served people--and I wasn't expecting such a thing since the cafe is inside a mall and not a special building like maid cafes are.

The food tasted really nice too! It was quite expensive but then again it's a special cafe so I don't really mind the price of the food. I was actually expecting the food to be quite bad but it was good enough for the price I/we paid for!

I promise I will upload more photos of the cafe!!

Until next time!


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