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Posted Monday, 20 July 2015 // 03:10

Today I went to an event called 「Mel-merry market」! It was an event where in artists sold their artworks and goods to people unlike doujin-events this one focused on people who sold their original artwork. I have been to doujin events before but this is my first time to go to an original artwork focused one image

今日は「Mel-merry market」というイベント行ってました!このイベントはオリジナルグッズの展示販売でした。私は同人誌イベントとか行ったことあるんですがオリジナルイベントは初めてです!image

Some of the artists!

I really wanted to buy from KON IRO-san but she wasn't there when I wanted to image
KON IROさんの売ってるもの買いたかったんだがその時は出かけましたimage
A bit of my haul!

Most of what I bought!

More of the stuff! I actually bough quite a lot but I'm not really sure if I could post them online image

The event was done in a really, really small hall and the turn out wasn't as big but I really enjoyed the event (and ended up spending waaay more that I planned image) . What was surprising for me was everyone that was in the event were girls! I understand from the pamphlet that most of the art that was being sold was really kawaii but, you'll never really know since there were also some artists  that didn't draw that. But, I did see some guys in the event! I guess they were buying stuff for their girlfriends image



下手な日本語ですみませんでした orz

edit: I also went to day 2! 次の日も行ってました!

I bought more postcards image

Until next time!


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