Kazuki Kato Live"GIG"2015TOUR~Ever Onward~ report
Posted Wednesday, 2 September 2015 // 23:46

Before everything, I need to put this


Now that's done, let me explain. I have been a big, big fan of Katou Kazuki for around 6 years now and I finally got to see him on one of his lives!! imageimageimageimage (o-oops;;)

I know Kazuki isn't really a big name in the Japanese music industry (comparing to Ringo-han and Ayu) so, let me take this time to introduce him before going to my report!

Katou Kazuki first gained fame for winning a JUNON BOY contest back in early 2000 (I'm not sure when exactly to be honest image ) then he went on to play Atobe Keigo's part in Musical Prince of Tennis (TeniMyu), and he was recognized as one of the best actor/singer in the whole first run of the musical. He gained a lot of attention for this role; he stared in a few dramas after being famous for playing Atobe. The most notable (for me) roles he had was that love interest Ayase had in Hotaru no Hikari (who inevitably lost to Fujiki Naohito's character image ) and his antagonist role in KAMEN RIDER -THE NEXT- image . Not so surprisingly, Kazuki got signed by the company Marvelous Entertainment (who manages TeniMyu releases) and had a full length album released but, after a few more singles he then moved to AVEX entertainment (same as Ayu!!!!) but, he then moved to another company. Honestly I don' know under what label is he under now (I had to check the single I just bought to know image--and it's TEAM entertainment; it's actually pretty unkown) but, I'm just happy he's still doing what he likes!!

Now onto the actual concert report!

I almost dogeza'ed in front of this image

Before the concert started, I met with a fellow Kazuki fan who I knew over from facebook! She was from France and she's really a hardcore fan! I admire her so much haha. We arrived at the venue 2-3 hours before the concert so we decided to kill time by playing in the nearby game center. We played on the Taiko no tatsujin machine and chose to play senbonzakura and a bunch of other anime songs!

Entrance line image
When we got back to the venue, they were starting to call people to go in the venue and I was part of the last batch to enter image  . My friend got in earlier cause I think she had fan club only tickets, which of course guarantee an earlier entrance time!

Stage!! image

But, like Nakata's live you can actually push your way up to the front!! But this time I didn't go all the way because I don't know all of Kazuki's newer songs since I kinda fell out of the loop when I started university image  but I still got to stand pretty close to the stage (as you can see) but I'm pretty happy about it!

The set begins with the Legend song! Then came a bunch of songs I knew and loved and I was just tearing up a little as I sang along to most of them imageimageimage I think I was too fired up and some of the Japanese fans were looking at me weird but, I don't really give a flying fuck I waited 6 years for this!!!!!!!!!!

ALSO!!! He sang Senbonzakura imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage I really thought he wouldn't sing it because it was a vocaloid song but, he did include it in one of his new singles. I pretty happy when this came and me and my friend exchanged laughs when it came on image

Some of the content below will make absolute no sense. I have given up on trying to fix it and you will just have to look at how much feelings I had during this entire thing because I really wasn't calm at all imageimageimage

Random moments during the concert:


> At some point around the end of the concert Kazuki brought out water guns to cool the crowd! It was really cute image
> HE KEPT LOOKING AT ME I CRIED QQ i didnt cry but we met eyes like 20+ times yes i am delusional but okay let me BE PLS
> HE ALSO WAVED AT THE END CAUSE I WAS WAVING imageimageimageimageimage


> JOJO POSE!!!!!image

> I KEPT SCREAMING YEA HAHAimageimageimageimage

he was so cute omg i cryimageimageimageimageimageimageimage
people kept shouting things at him haha he was such a nice person to entertain the fans!image

some things i remembered!! MC moments
> osaka is his third home!!!!! 1st is Nagoya then Tokyo (he lives there now) and Osaka!

> he said he only went to usj once and then proceeded to ask the audience how much was the year long pass image  (I shouted nimangurai AND HE REPEATED IT s;oidsaldaj; I CRYimageimageimage of course im not sure if he did hear me but hey) then he asked how much are the individual tickets to compare lol HAHA (he then repeated my answer again i cry to the groundimage)

> he forgot that he was supposed to talk about his new song instead of the USJ talk image

> he said that Umeda was like his garden cause he came there so often; someone in the audience said about namba/shinsaibashi and Kazuki was like "that place is still a bit hard!"

>he said that he really likes meeting people so that he can gain a lot of points of views and stuff like that

>he really likes to eat yakiniku alone haha; he was enjoying himself in umeda yesterday then it started to rain and stuff he felt bad image

> he was talking about how he really likes kansai-ben and then he looks at the osakajin pianist but then the guy wasnt paying attention to him and was like "!!oh what sorry there was some trouble"

> kazuki was making some jokes and then the drummer was tapping the cymbals and kazuki was like "???!!" and then the pianist guy was just like "she wont tolerate unfunny jokes" HAHA

> There was this one song that had a bunch of let it go's in the lyrics and then the pianist made that joke imageimage

> Kazuki's had this weird cut up shirt shirt during encore one of the fans asked "DID YOU DO THAT YOURSELF??" "YEAH I DID!". It was a really weird shirt! he cut holes all over it and it...was...imageimageimage

> He was complaining it was hot then the audience was just like "TAKE IT OFF!!!!"

> At another time where he complained that it was hot the audience again said "TAKE IT OFF!!!" "I JUST WORE THIS!!!!" imageimageimage

> At one point I shouted "don't get thin!" CRIES omg i dont know omg he was like "its not about that it's about if i can actually go thinner or not image"

The difference between the fan crowd with my previous experiences is that, although it was a live house venue everyone was actually really calm! There wasn't any hardcore pushing or anything like that unlike Nakata's live. I guess it just goes with the music? Since Kazuki's music isn't really party music so you don't really need to like dance or anything like that.

But! Towards the end of the concert everyone was getting wilder (me too) because the cute guitarist-san was helping the crowd to get fired up! I was really expecting more from the crowd but I guess since most of his fans are in the middle-aged crowd they aren't really as wild as I thought they would have been. Yes, there were even old lady fans!! It was really cool to see the age range of Kazuki's fans image

This is actually the highlight of that day  imageimageimageimageimageimage

I finally got to meet Katou Kazuki in the FLESH and I even got to shake his hands!!  imageimageimageimageimageimage

I told him I came from the Philippines and he was pretty shocked to know about that imageimageimage then I switched to English because I wsa DYING and I told him he should come to my country too and he responded with "Thank you!" imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

Until next time!


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