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I have been meaning to do a post like this! I really love listening to Japanese music and I just want to share to everyone the bands and groups that I like! image

Mr. Children

First, is one of my oldman bands, Mr.Children! They have been industry for quite a long time and they're really popular in Japan even if they're a pretty old band! Most of my Japanese friends even said that "There is no person that can hate Mr. Children!". I honestly don't know who comprises of the band but, I do know that the vocalist Sakurai-san writes most of their lyrics (I know this because when my friends sing karaoke it's always lyrics: Sakurai ??? image) It is also to be noted that their songs are very heartfelt and if you want to cry you should probably listen to a Mr. Children song.

Genre:  Rock and Rock ballads

First song I heard of them: Cross Road 
I first heard this song through playing drummania. I always chose this song because it was one of the easiest image and honestly, when I saw their name I was like "Wow what an interesting band name". Though I never really got to check them out until my Japanese friends literally gave me 20 albums image

The song that made me like this band: 足音~Be Strong~
I actually heard this song as it came out! It was frequently played in the radio so it was basically everywhere I went. But then, I tried understanding the lyrics and it really resonated with me and I just completely fell in love with the band image

  • 「ニシエヒガシエ」 is one of their more fast paced tracks! 
  • 「HANABI」  was in a drama called CODE BLUE. The song itself is really catchy too!
  • 「君が好き」- Singing to the part 「Kimi ga suki~」is really fun! That's just really it.  

I am honestly recommending them now because their songs are perfect for the fall season! THE LYRICS WILL MAKE TEARS FALL OUT OF YOUR EYES

Second is my other oldman band, B'z! They have also been in the music industry for a pretty long time now and they are also still doing really well despite being in for a long time! Like Mr.Children, they are also a household name in Japan. To be honest, what brought me to check them out is that they are in the list of the artists that sold most in Japan. Up until I looked them up, I have always thought that Ayu was the one on top* but it was actually B'z image (at that time). B'z consists of Tak Matsumoto (Guitar) and Koshi Inaba (Vocal). I REALLY LOVE INABA-SAN
*Yes, I am fully aware that it is Utada Hikaru

Genre: Rock

First song I heard of them: Ultra Soul
I loved it from the moment I heard it. This probably one of their most popular songs next to Ichibu to Zenbu since it was in a drama.

The song that made me like this band: 「有頂天」
It's honestly ultra soul but, the second one that made me really crazy is「有頂天」( Uchouten) . It's because when it came out I was able to experience B'z promotional cycle which mean appearing on TV (me sleeping really late because I want to catch them and crying because inabASAN)

Other Recommendations: Ocean/May,  「愛のバクダン」、「太陽のKomachi Angel」

I break the chain of the oldmenbands men with my ultimate favourite Jpop trio, Perfume! I honestly wouldn't put them in my rec list because I think everyone already likes them but, then again this is my list so I'll still put them in image. The thing that lured me into liking perfume was their almost 100% sync in choreography (if not even 100%!!) I saw them before the time I liked Kpop and during that time, synced choreography was pretty rare for Jpop image. Actually, even know I think their syncing is better than kpop bands but I might just be biased image. Unlike the previous bands, they aren't really as well known or as well-selling as them but, they're recognized as one of the best pop units in Japan. They have been in the industry for around 10 years already and they're still selling very well! And I am bitter as hell that I cant attend their concert this year imageimage

Genre: Technopop

First song I heard from them: Secret Secret
I think a friend linked me to this song on youtube or, I found it on youtube on "related links"

The song that made me like them: Computer City , GAME
I really instantly fell in love with Perfume from Secret Secret but, my ultimate favourite song is Computer city! GAME's performance here really gave me goosebumps when I saw it!! In this video, even the time that their hair falls down is exactly synced!! It's so amazingimageimage

Other Recommendations:ワンルームディスコ」, FAKE IT, 「スパイス

  • One Room Disco - It's one of their most well known songs! Also the choreography for this song is easier than most of their songs so give it a try ⭐️ 
  • FAKE IT- It's a bit heavier on the techno side but the lyrics really just resonate with me image
  • Spice - One of their slower songs! Even if they sing slower songs they still sound really good image

I know I just posted about him, but everyone needs to know more about Kazuki!! I will just skip the introduction line since I did just post about him imageimage

Genre: Rock

First song I heard from them: 氷のエンペラー / Vampire
As I have said previously, I first found Kazuki through "Musical Prince of Tennis"  and to a big Atobe fan like me when I first saw him perform Atobe, he was PERFECT but, now that he has moved onto a new career, I have to also link to the first song I heard from him outside TeniMyu so, it's Vampire! I honestly found the theme of the song weird but Kazuki's voice and range is great as usual!

The song that made me like them: 「君とずっと」
The lyrics of this song is really cute  image actually, as you all know I liked him for TeniMyu but this song was really easy to understand and it was one of the first songs I fully understood image and of course being the fan girl I am I thought it was about me COUGHimage

Other Recommendations:  「欲情〜Libido〜」、「EASY GO」、「snowdrop」

  • Yokujo~Libido~: I honestly hated this era of his BUT this song is really just so damn catchy! I had it on loop for days image
  • EASY GO: This is probably his most well known song! It's the opening theme for Katekyou Hitman Reborn!
  • Snowdrop: This song made everyone in the live house cry BUT, aside from that the reason I'm recommending this song is, this song shows how much he has improved vocally through out his career and I'm just so happy image

Sandaime J Soul Brothers

This group was so big in Japan last year!! They're still gaining in popularity now but, I honestly just love their music! Again, I can't tell who's who except for my friend's favourite guy imageimage. Their music is actually a bit hard for me to describe since unlike the former recommendations who just stick to one genre "pop" is really a genre that I tend to use rarely--it's too vague for me to describe but, to be honest that "vagueness" is perfect for this group! They still haven't solidified their style yet since they're still a bit new but, they're consistently releasing really good music!

Genre: Pop

First song I heard from them: R.Y.U.S.E.I
It's impossible to not hear this song in 2014. It's always being played everywhere

The song that made me like them: 花火
The voice of the two vocalists is really good!! The music video is also really good too image

Other Recommendations: S.A.K.U.R.A , C.O.S.M.O.S , 24Karats
  • S.A.K.U.R.A: The feel of the song is great! The music video is really interesting too!
  • C.O.S.M.O.S: The vocals really shine in this song image
  • 24 Karats TRIBE OF GOLD: I love the mix of the rock background, soft vocals and rap!

I hope everyone enjoyed my recommendations!

Until next time!


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